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Double Vision

Danny Doughty is a visionary folk artist.  Each one of his paintings tells a story, a story told through his brush and paint.  Though he lost his childhood to the abuse and neglect of his environment, art allowed him to let go of the past and create an innocent and colorful world.  The iconic women featured in his paintings are inspired by the nurturing women who saved young Danny and are shown “as they deserve to be seen”, in a lush and plentiful world filled with the simple essence of joyful life expressed through vivid colors.

Karen Tweedie is a designer and metalsmith.  Since childhood she has expressed herself through what she can create with her hands.  As a teacher of the deaf, she literally talked with her hands for nearly 20 years.  Her jewelry designs are often inspired by ancient iron and stone work she has seen in her extensive travels, but now she takes her inspiration from the characters, the colors, the stories in Danny’s work.

This collaboration between two established artists is one of shared vision, each with a joy and passion for their art.  Each limited edition piece starts with Danny’s brush and is expressed through Karen’s designs.  Visit these artists online:  dannydoughty.com and karentweedie.com