Folk Art Double Vision

Karen Tweedie is a designer and metalsmith.  Since childhood she has expressed herself through what she can create with her hands.  As a teacher of the deaf, she literally talked with her hands for nearly 20 years.  Her jewelry designs are often inspired by ancient iron and stone work she has seen in her extensive travels, but in this collection she takes her inspiration from the stories told in the paintings of visionary folk artist, Danny Doughty, his world filled with the simple essence of joyful life expressed through vivid colors.


Majestique Stones   Royal Colors Collection

Created gemstones with all the allure of natural gems, but none of the inclusions to cloud their beauty.  Earth-friendly stones created in a dazzling array of brilliant colors, to be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Rosso, Rojo, Red!

My newest collection takes a vibrant red and runs with it!  This is not a subtle pop of red; this is an explosion of RED! Paired with shiny 14K gold, this bold group of jewelry is can be mixed and matched to your heart's desire.


Oysters & The Sea

Half Shells - Each shell is individually made of bronze and is unique in shape, texture, and color, just as in nature.  Accented by pearls cultured pearls.

Sterling Oysters -  Individually cast in sterling silver, each shell holds a precious cultured pearls.

Chesapeake Bay Ponies - Seahorse designs in sterling silver with cultured pearl accents.

900 AD - Etched designs inspired by an archaeological discovery in Panama from 900 AD.


Silver Collection

Shiny, hammered, or brushed to a matte finish, each piece in this collection is hand crafted of sterling silver.  Some pieces are forged, some are cast, but each one is a unique piece and many can be customized just for you.  Need a longer or shorter chain? Like your earrings shorter?  Prefer a post to a long earring wire?  Just get in touch and I’ll make it just for you.  From my hands to yours!


Celebrations of Love

Birthdays, Weddings and Anniversaries, Dads and Grads, Moms, New Baby, New Job, New House, New Puppy, Celebrations of Life!  For all of YOUR special occasions. Some of our pieces can be personalized with engraving.  We also have our own sterling silver "I love you" sign jewelry from American Sign Language.  Let us help you celebrate!


Black & Gold Collection

This collection was inspired by ancient iron and stonework seen throughout Europe. Most of the pieces were cast in sterling silver then either gold plated with a thick 14K plating or treated with black enamel.  The C and S shaped pieces I forged out of bronze and gold plated or enameled.  The chain is bronze as well.  All earring wires are gold filled.  Most pieces are one of a kind.  

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