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Countdown to the Tour!

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Tour de France? Tour Eiffel? Nope, the Off the Beaten Path Florida Arts Tour! I am one of the studios that will be open during the weekend of February 23 and 24 from 10am to 5pm each of those days.

The details of the tour are available online at:

What can you expect to see on the tour? First of all, this is a self-guided tour. There is a map on the website and also in the full-color tour guides. I will have extra guides in my studio if you need one.

There are artists working in a variety of mediums and I like to say that you can see us “working in our natural habitats”! When I step into my studio, it is definitely my happy, creative place. I flood the room with light, flip on some music to suit my mood (or sometimes I just sing to myself – I work alone, so no one minds…!) and dig in. You will see painters, mixed media artists, metal workers and metalsmiths like myself, sculptures, potters, textile artists, and more!! One of the fun things is to observe the types of tools that are being used. Lots of artists like to make their own tools or have their favorite tools. I’m kind of a tool junky and like to use tools that simplify my efforts so that I don’t strain my muscles. You’ll see what I mean if you visit my studio.

Most of the studios are at the homes of the artists. A few are in separate locations from their homes. The map will give you the necessary details. My studio is in a detached building next to my 1922 house. I believe it started life as a two car garage. Then it was a Stetson student abode for a time, so it has a full bath. A previous owner was into the nautical scene and he is responsible for the unusual windows…I have 4 portholes from a navy ship. Interesting for sure! It also served a former owner as a woodworking workshop but now it is happily supporting my jewelry making endeavors as my studio.

I will have displays of my jewelry as well as short videos playing that show how I make some of the pieces. A few friends will be with me to assist, my husband will visit with our friends who come, and one of my nieces (Laura, the lovely bride on the home page of my website wearing killer earrings I made for her wedding) and her very charming Italian husband (Matteo) will be down from Manhattan to help as well. I will be doing demonstrations throughout both days so there will be all kinds of tools in use and you will have plenty of opportunity to ask questions. And there will be homemade cookies to sustain you during your tour!

I look forward to all of the visitors during this exciting, art-filled weekend. I hope to see you at my studio!


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